How to avoid yourself from bankruptcy

Nobody wants to go down the road of bankruptcy. If you think you are likely to head that path, it’s important you must find a solution to get out of that situation. Luckily there are various ways you can apply to your daily life that can help you move away from being bankrupt. The first on the list is budgeting. Without budgeting, you are more likely to overspend on the things you don’t need. The next one is possibly selling some assets that you don’t need. This is also another way of making money. For more methods, we have gathered some information below that could help.

10 ways to avoid bankruptcy

BANKRUPTCY should be the last resort. If you accept you have big money problems you have taken the first step to helping yourself. Here’s our 10 tips to keep afloat:

1.If you are struggling to make ends meet, don’t panic and ignore the problem. It will only get worse.

2.Don’t take out more credit or put more on existing cards or loans. Stop spending!

3.Tell those you owe money to that you are having problems. Try to renegotiate debts by reducing monthly repayments or freezing interest. Some may accept a lower one-off sum in final settlement.

4.Don’t pay off the person who is shouting the loudest. Pay the important bills such as mortgage, rent and utility bills first.

5.Take control of your finances. Don’t leave post unopened and don’t ignore court papers … read more at

How to Avoid Bankruptcy and Spare Your Credit

Sell whatever you can spare and use the money to pay off your debts. Take action immediately when you notice you can’t afford to make payments anymore. If you wait until you’re behind on payments, it may be too late.

You can sell your furniture, jewelry, and electronics on eBay, Craigslist, even in your front yard. Is this a radical way to avoid bankruptcy? Perhaps. Many people can’t get past the inconvenience of living without their things, but you can adjust and it’s only temporary. It will help you avoid bankruptcy and spare your credit … read more at

Michael Lewis: How to Avoid Bankruptcy


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