Tips on how to cut cost and save money

save money

For anyone looking to save money, it’s important to see where you can cut cost on your spendings. We must first look into our monthly, or daily spendings and see where our money is going. Once you have an idea then you can look to see where you can cut cost on unnecessary spendings. We’ve listed a few tips below on where and how you can save money or cut cost on your spendings.


Amazon warehouse

Do you shop on Amazon frequently? If you’re like one of the many people who shop on Amazon, you may be interested in saving money by looking into their Amazon warehouse deals. The items from their warehouse deals are all discounted. Normally the items have been returned by a customer but they are still in great working condition. Next time you’re on Amazon, make sure to check them out.


Free furniture

Are you in need of furniture? Instead of spending money on furniture, you can look into online sites where people are giving away their furniture for free. Simply contact them and arrange to collect the item. Sites such as gumtree freebies, preloved and freecycle normally have a list of free items up for grab. It’s normally first to come first serve, so get in there before someone else does.


Take out cash

Most people normally spend more when they use their contactless card. It’s also difficult to manage their spending when they can’t physically see how much they have spent. So instead of using your card, you should start taking out a certain amount of cash to keep your budget in check and to prevent yourself from overspending.


No spend day

Almost everyone spends their money on something every day. Some may spend less on certain things, however, when you add your everyday spending for the whole month, the result can be quite shocking. So to cut some cost, why not try the ‘no spend day’ every week and see how this can easily cut your cost for the month.

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